• 1) When will my private plate listing appear on www.APNAPLATES.com?
    Your private number plate listing will appear on the site instantly after payment has been made, appearing amongst the other plates available for sale.Back To Top
  • 2) What are the differences between Premium & Standard listings?
    All listings are advertised on the homepage however Premium plates are larger in size, advertised on the left hand side of the homepage, come with a free valuation and are added to the weekly newsletter and social media channels. We also use the best PREMIUM PLATES in our offline advertising campaigns. In general a Premium listing will have more views and enquiries and therefore more chances of being sold.

    Standard listings will also be displayed on the homepage but without the above benefits however all plates will be advertised until sold so you have nothing to worry about.
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  • 3) Can I upgrade my listing at any time?
    Yes, you can. Please log on and go to your account section. Here you will have the option to upgrade your listing.Back To Top
  • 4) How long will my listing be displayed for?
    All plates are displayed until sold. Each premium listing will be displayed on the left hand side in chronological order so you can always see the latest private asian number plates for sale. Each standard listing is displayed on the homepage under the latest tab for 30 days. After the 30 days the private asian registration is then added to the random plate generator and displayed on the homepage as and when. All plates are added to the SEARCH database and can be found using keywords. Remember all plates are advertised until sold and we never take any commission.Back To Top
  • 5) Do I have to pay commission?
    No; it's a one off fee, advertised until sold, with no commission taken from the final sale price. As a result, if you are looking to sell a private Asian number plate, APNAPLATES may be the place for you, as no money is taken from the negotiated selling price, keeping your profit to a maximum.Back To Top
  • 6) How will buyers contact me?
    Customers who are interested in the private number plates for sale will contact you directly. Upon clicking on your private plate, they are then able to see your contact details; those detailed under your account on www.APNAPLATES.com.Back To Top
  • 7) How do I edit my listing, e.g. change the price?
    You can do this at any time and as many times as you want, by logging into your account and selecting the edit option.Back To Top
  • 8) Who has viewed my listing?
    Your listing is constantly updated with the latest statistics, which will consequently provide you with information about your number plate. This information is really helpful when selling private number plates, as its a good way to tell how popular your plate is with people.Back To Top
  • 9) Why should I Facebook my number plate?
    Once you have listed your plate, you can let all your friends know via Facebook. Also, if people view your number plate and like it, they have the option of submitting it to Facebook too, where it will appear for their friends to see. Alternatively, you can post it your Facebook, too, further advertising it. This could result in your plate being sold simply through word of mouth.Back To Top
  • 10) Will my private plates be searchable on Google?
    Eventually, yes, although it can take up to a month, depending on how quickly Google crawl the site.Back To Top

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