Here at APNAPLATES, we pride ourselves on offering a unique service, in the buying and selling of private registration plates in the UK. Although predominately aimed for the Asian number plate investment market, and currently ranking number one in Google and Yahoo for ‘Asian number plates’, we have quickly grown as a business, now catering for all ethnicities. In fact, this has become our specialty and we see APNAPLATES ranking for all number plate keyword searches in the future. details private license plates for sale, including both cheap private plates and those that are harder to find. There is also a plate design service, whereby users can design their own private plates. The private number plates for sale on APNAPLATES range in price, so there’s something for every budget. When searching for a private number plate, there’s also the option of filtering search results in terms of the ethnicity you’re looking for. So, if you specifically want a cheap or affordable private car plate that’s an Asian number plate, of Sikh or Muslim ethnicity, for example, you can filter the results down to match this specification, making it really easy to buy private plates. Additionally, if there’s a particular word you want on your private plate, such as ‘Singh’, you can search for this, too.

Selling private number plates is just as easy with APNAPLATES, too. All you need to choose is whether you want a trade, bronze, silver, or gold advert, with each one priced differently, as a result of the offerings that come with it, such as a newsletter sent to thousands of people; mobile advertising that will target those who are the ethnicity of your private plate; online stats showing you how your plate is doing; your plate appearing at the top of Google’s search results; the ability to rate plates from ‘really bad’ to ‘really good’; the ability to post a plate on social media sites; and your plate fully advertised until sold.


Gurvinder Singh Sandhu - CEO

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